At Call Handling Services Ltd (CHS), we understand that every call, every connection, matters. A clear purpose to unify, simplify, and enrich communications guides our every action. We strive to be more than just a supplier; we believe in creating a meaningful impact in the world, and we are proud to be recognised as a trusted partner for charities, retail and construction organisations across the UK. 

✨ Why Choose CHS? ✨

For us, it’s personal. You are not just a generic ‘customer’ — you are our partner, with bespoke needs that defy the ‘one size fits all’ norm. With CHS, expect a tailored fit for your communication needs, because we know that detail makes the difference.


🌟 Who We Are? 🌟

Integrity, respect and customer experience define us. We do not just pledge after-sale support – we deliver it, fostering enduring relationships that evolve and grow as you do.

Our vision to harmonise empathy with innovation, placing the value of people at the heart of world-leading communications guides us in investing our time and resources to create innovative products centred on the fundamental belief that people have value.

Our core values represent who we are as people and as an organisation. For us, the culture that we nurture will continue to inspire our team and all of those who interact with us as it is based on:

  • Respect: inclusivity, and fairness are at the heart of all our interactions. Everyone we engage with, internally and externally, is treated with respect and equality.
  • Integrity: trust is fundamental, and we can be trusted. We keep our word, uphold ethical standards, and act responsibly at all times.
  • Customer Experience: Customer service is our core, driving us to excel. We treat our customers as key partners, striving to go beyond the minimum as standard.

🧩 Customised to Your Context 🧩

Tired of off-the-shelf solutions? CHS crafts tailored communication solutions, such as out our virtual contact centre, intuitive and designed for ease of use by all staff members. From robust infrastructure for large-scale charities to flexible systems for growing non-profits, we understand that each organisation requires a unique approach.

🤝 Beyond Just Solutions: Partnership with Purpose 🤝

We take pride in understanding the pulse of those we serve — from the life-saving interactions on NHS helplines to the community-based engagements of housing organisations. We champion your cause, equipping you with smarter, responsive, and more intuitive communication tools.

🔧 Support That Stays With You 🔧

Unexpected support delays? Not with CHS. Our dedicated after-sale support ensures we stay by your side, guiding every step in your communication journey. We stand committed to helping you navigate any challenges, with real-time support that keeps you connected and confident.

🌱 A Future with CHS 🌱

We help you to build a communications ecosystem around your needs. Together, we can create a more connected environment where all interactions, whether with us or our products, leave you with the overall feeling – “That was easy.”

Ready to experience the CHS difference? Get in touch now to book a free discovery call.