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FAQs: Our VCC & Industries

What kind of expertise does Call Handling have in my sector?

Whether you’re a charity, retailer, public service or construction firm – we’ve got years of experience providing custom-built telephony & cloud contact centre solutions to organisations in your field. We know what works best for you, so you can trust that our software is engineered specifically to meet your needs.

Our partners know us and trust our services. We’re committed to offering the very best level of sector-specific support to your organisation; if you encounter an issue, have a question or just want some information, you can have faith in our warm, friendly and knowledgeable support team.

How can the VCC benefit my organisation directly?

Implementing our VCC software means deploying a pinpoint solution that is meticulously, and unequivocally built for you. We can integrate seamlessly with any CRM, so your cloud contact centre will plug right into your existing client services. You’ll enjoy massive improvements across your operations, and see unprecedented KPI results – our solutions are made to do just that in your specific sector.

Your industry-specialised, cloud-based communication system will be implemented swiftly and ready for action with no downtime. Our VCC slots in perfectly with your existing applications and systems, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics, FreshDesk, and HubSpot. Provide a smooth, seamless & satisfying CX for your clients today.

We designed our VCC to allow your organisation to thrive, no matter the size. We’re limitlessly scalable, so your comms system can grow with you. We’re dedicated to offering our partners continually cutting-edge solutions, so you’re sure to impress your clients – now, and in the future.

What can the VCC do for charities?

200+ charities utilise our services to improve & enhance their valuable work. We’re a preferred supplier for Helplines Partnership, and the go-to provider for charity helplines in the UK – plus, we operate a specialised UK free phone number range, giving huge discounts to charities for inbound calls.

Our company & VCC are built to meet the specific needs of charities, and we’re the experts at specialist support & solutions; in other words, the charity sector is what we do best.

What can the VCC do for public services?

We provide leading cloud-based communication software for public sector entities, delivering streamlined omni-channel systems & efficient communications. NHS, local offices, regional committees, county councils and beyond: it’s what we do.

What can the VCC do for retailers?

The value of the customer journey in retail has never been more critical. VCC, our retail-specialised and resilient, omni-channel communication platform facilitates VoIP, chat, SMS, email, IVR, social media and more, to increase ROI and enhance CX.

What can the VCC do for construction firms?

As a construction company, you probably take more traditional phone calls over the course of a day than you receive enquiries from other channels. Our VCC is engineered to support far-reaching, primarily phone-based networks; but that doesn’t mean we close the door on omni-channel. Rather, our voice module is one element of the full VCC package, equipped to do what you need, and giving you the room to grow.