Helping charities to make important connections

Call Handling helps many charities – newbies and established organisations alike – to provide highly valued helpline support to vulnerable members of society. Even where charities have limited resources, our cloud-based service means they can still provide a comprehensive, professional response to those in need.

It’s all about trust

We understand that while charities need to make smart operational decisions – like any business – they also have a responsibility to deliver best value on behalf of those who help to fund their work, as well as those who use their services. Our charity sector clients tell us that their three biggest concerns when evaluating a new supplier or considering a new contract are: • Cost versus value – making sure that prices are fair for the level of service provided • Provider reliability – being able to trust the supplier to deliver the service promised * Contract clarity – understanding the precise nature and duration of the service commitment Our research also shows that it’s not uncommon for charity personnel to feel pressured into making a buying decision before they’re in possession of all the relevant facts – which makes them wary of approaching new suppliers altogether.

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We promise to serve you honestly and fairly

We promise to serve you honestly and fairly Call Handling is already a trusted helpline provider, with more than 300 charity clients in the UK. Our integrated communications system – phone, text, web chat and email – is easy to use and suitable for remote workers, with sophisticated analytics capabilities. We will always offer our best advice based on your charity’s unique circumstances and will provide a no-commitment, hassle-free quote, based on our transparent pricing policy (link to pricing section). Should you choose to implement Virtual Call Centre, you can expect a properly scaled, fully managed service (no need to expand your IT department) with sector-specific system features that have been fine-tuned as a result of our work with other charities. We’ll offer support and advice throughout and promise not to pressure you to take a decision before you’re ready.

Our experience with Call Handling has been exemplary. We couldn’t have asked for a better service from pilot to full implementation -The Silver Line
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A bespoke service that delivers results

Call Handling can direct and oversee the provision of your Virtual Call Centre and will tailor each system precisely to the client’s situation. We’re happy to help with the launch of pilot schemes to test customer response and fine-tune requirements. With Virtual Call Centre, workers are connected to the charity’s comms nerve centre via a simple web interface. It’s simplicity itself to use – absolutely no technical knowledge or aptitude required – which means that staff can be quickly trained to use the new system with confidence. And, because the system can shield the ID of incoming numbers, as well as displaying the charity’s number for outgoing calls, all users can be assured of complete confidentiality. Managers can be allocated a more complex interface, so they can access higher-level information for the purposes of performance review. With Call Handling, you can benefit from: • Centralised billing • Helpline-tagged calls, wherever the worker is located • Automated call recording

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An affordable, fully managed service

Using our cloud-based Virtual Call Centre is a smart option for charities as it doesn’t require a capital outlay and employs a fair pricing model based on actual usage, rather than on the notional number of users. This means that no matter how many staff and volunteers you have, you’ll only ever be charged for what you use. And, because our pricing operates on a sliding scale, if your usage increases, the unit cost will fall commensurately, ensuring the system still remains affordable. The Virtual Call Centre is a fully managed service. Once we know what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll make a plan and put it into action. You won’t need to grapple with the technical details of the solution and there won’t be any extra pressure on your IT team.

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