The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s biggest founder of heart research in the UK, spending a massive 120 million in 2013 alone to help transform the lives of people living with heart and circulatory conditions.
BHF main offices are in London, Surrey and Birmingham. BHF has over 500 shops and nearly 200 Furniture and Electrical shops around the UK. They also host many events and fund raising campaigns.

Project Requirements

The initial project requirement for BHF was for a simple and effective means by which potential donators could locate their nearest BHF shop. Call Handling’s Locate service was chosen as it allowed BHF to publish one number callers could ring 24/7 365 and automatically be given details of their nearest shop.

Soon after this initial requirement was fulfilled, BHF wanted to provide a service to help automate some of the repetitive enquiries to the shops, questions such as opening times, location, donation policies etc… BHF worked with Call Handling to develop the Store Support service.

Realising the potential of the network telecoms solutions provided by Call Handling, BHF wanted to link their entire organisation and event campaigns, so that the organisation could benefit from Call Handlings cloud solutions.

Project Solution

With a relationship spanning over a decade, Call Handling and BHF have now put in place services for every area of the BHF communications. The Store support service now overlays each of the BHF shops telephone systems and centralises their entire telephony strategy. Now BHF can instantly control all their store messaging and provide a consistent, branded and professional answering service throughout the entire organisation.

Call Handling provide IVR and queuing support for all BHF high volume campaign events and the Call Handling multi-channel Virtual Call centre is used by head office and the helpline as a way to distribute communications effectively to BHF call centre agents.

Project Successes

Since BHF started using the store support service, inbound customer enquiries that need to be dealt with by a member of staff have dropped by 40%, donations to stores have increased and the overall customer experience has improved.

BHF has also been able to rely on the additional capacity provided by Call Handling to help manage events which have large spikes in client activity meaning Clients all get an answer 100% of the time.

The statistical reports created for BHF give their marketing team a wealth of information about their callers. This information has been proved vital in securing funding and donations throughout the entire organisation.

Secure Company

Since 1999, Call Handling has offered a range of communication solutions that focus on reliability, ease of use, flexibility, security and good value, backed by quality support from a financially secure, friendly and profitable organisation.

Range of Services

Call Handling provides commercial, charity and public sector organisations with inbound call handling solutions that enable organisations to maximise the use of their resources without spending a fortune.