Virtual Call Centre (VCC) - Voice

The Voice module can be used as a full Call Centre solution or to enhance your existing system

The Virtual Call Centre (VCC) Voice module gives you access to full phone and call centre functionality
It will integrate with existing infrastructure so there is no hardware or software installation needed.


Agent login - log out and multi status functionality


Full detailed management statistics


Skill, Priority and other routing options


No user licence charges

Skills and Priority based routing

Call Handling’s cloud contact centre allows you to easily group agents according to skill sets and even prioritise routing to certain agents within. Comparable to the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) found in most call centre systems. As call centres have become larger and deal with a wider range of enquiries, the need for skills based routing has arisen. By getting customers to the right agent quickly, you will improve your first call resolution rates, improve customer satisfaction, shorten call-handling time, make training shorter and thus increases agent utilisation, productivity, and, therefore revenue.

Call Centre Feature Set

VCC Agent Features
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Status Changes
  • Update Work Number
  • Contact page
  • In Call functions
  • Customised queue wallboards
  • Real time view of all call queues and agent activity
  • Change Agent status (Login, Logout, Rest, Available)
  • Edit Agent Name, login number, RNA and Wrap up time
  • Username reminder and Password reset
  • Edit Group Mappings
  • Change Priority within Agent Group
  • View Agent Session statistics

Group Level Management
  • Visibility of Current Agent Status per Queue
  • Edit Wrap-Up Time (if enabled)
  • Edit Group Name and description
  • Set CLI Presentation

VCC Level Management
  • Real Time Call Activity Display
  • CLI Display
  • Status Timer Display
  • Bandwidth Monitor
  • Recent Agent Activity Stat
  • Recent Group Activity Stat