Managed services

Lets you concentrate on providing help and support

We offer bespoke services that many established Helplines have been able to benefit from:
Alzheimer's Society, Parkinson's, CALM, Breast CancerCare, Prostate Cancer....

Increase calls

Increase answered calls

Use every resource you have available all of the time

Home working

Home working

Retain your volunteers and staff more easily and grow your helpline without barriers.

No license fees

No License fees

Our pricing model is particularly suited to organisations with volunteers or a high staff turnover.

Provide Confidentiality to your callers

Let your customers contact without fear, our freephone numbers will never show on your callers bill.

It's vital for us to be able to provide a 100% confidential Helpline  -Meic
Special freephone

Link up your sites

Allow staff to log in when and where they want. The easier it is for them to work the more likely the more retention and therefore the quicker your helpline will grow. 

Virtual Call Centre
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