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Call Handling’s Charity and Public sector pricing policy gives clients a fair and transparent deal that makes good financial sense, whatever the size and scale of the organisation. Because we base your costs on service usage, rather than on a fixed user licence model, you will only be charged when you use the system - no matter how many users you have registered. This approach keeps your capital expenditure down to a minimum, allows you to change staffing levels instantly (even if only for a matter of minutes) and returns 100% accurate statistics for management and monitoring purposes. Our simple annual charges cover everything you need: training, maintenance, system changes (such as holiday opening hours) and support (24/7 365 emergency fault support) as part of a fully managed service. You can’t say fairer than that.

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Virtual Call Centre fixed costs (Capex)

The below costs are for the set up, traning, testing and inplimentation of a Virtual Call Centre Telephone solution - giving you access to the full set of contact centre functions and reporting tools


Set up*


Virtual Call Centre Voice Module*



Support message (Voicemail)



*The Virtual Call Centre set up charges include online training, changes required, support documentation and video resources

** Annual charge covers all system maintenance, general support and emergency out of hours 24/7 365 support

Virtual Call Centre usage costs (Opex)

The below charges are for incoming and out going traffic through the Virtual Call Centre, charges are worked out on a per second basis and you are only charged for times calls are passed through the system


Cost (pence per minute)

System usage – Agents using landlines (inbound calls)


Systems usage - Agents using mobiles (inbound calls)


System usage – Agents using landlines calling landline UK number (outbound)


System usage – Agents using landlines calling mobile UK number (outbound)


Call Recording – including 45 days storage


*Cost reductions for meduim, large call volumes are available starting at 100,000 minutes per annum

Virtual Call Centre Modules

The Virtual Call Centre has a number of additional Key modules, these can be used as standalone systems or part of a unified system


Set up


Virtual Call Centre Text Chat Module*



Virtual Call Centre Web Chat Module



Virtual Call Centre Email Module



*The VCC text module requires a Virtual 07 SMS number (included within set up) and texts out of the system are charged @ 8ppt

All prices are ex VAT

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To receive a more detailed quote, ask about additional options or for any other information please contact the team by calling 0333 321 0888 or via email