LEVEL 1 PCI Compliance

Give your clients the assurance that all payments are taken securely


Caller kept in contact with advisor through-out transaction


Links with your payment merchant


Instant transaction updates for advisors


Secure transactions offer your customers peace of mind

What is PCI DSS?

PCI DSS is a security standard for organisations that take take credit or debit card payments. It is your responsibility to protect cardholder data at the point-of-sale. If cardholder data is stolen – and it’s your fault – you could incur fines, penalties and even termination of the right to accept payment cards, spelling out the end of your business !

If you are taking payments over the phone then you must not:
  1. Allow your agents to hear any card details
  2. Record any part of the call contacting cardholders data

Protect your customers with Payment Handling and avoid any heavy fines from breaching PCI DSS regulations

How does it work?

It’s very simple. At the point of any payment needing to taken, the agent simply initiates the payment via our secure web interface.
The agent always maintains contact with the caller while taking the secure payment.

  • The agent enters in the customers address and order details.
  • Caller enters their credit card details via their telephone keypad
  • The agent can see the progression of the callers data being inputted without actually seeing any details.
  • Once all elements are collected, the agent processes the payment with your chosen payment service provider
  • If there are any mistakes the agent simply click to restart the payment process