A brief overview of Call Handling's Cloud product set

Cloud Contact Centre

Call Handling’s cloud contact centre allows you to grow your business more easily by providing all you need from a multi-channel communication solution without the need for any installation. A cloud contact centre can be set up very quickly, will integrate with your current systems and is scalable to meet your long term requirements without ever becoming obsolete. 

Call Handling Services have provided us with database powered applications since 2001 and during that time the services have been well managed and provide a valuable contribution to our call handling performance. -Argos

No hardware to maintain no software to install

The Virtual Call Centre has been deigned work with existing infrastructure so there are no hardware installations needed and access to the portal is down through your web browser without the need to install or update any software.


Lone Worker

The Call Handling Cloud based Lone Worker solution has been designed and developed by our existing Clients to help monitor their lone workers.

Lone Worker with ATR (Auto Text Response)

The Lone Worker service creates the ability for organisations to monitor staff on a secure web interface. Controllers or workers can set up the system to send phone calls or text messages to workers to update their status using our unique Auto Text Response (ATR) system. Should workers not respond to these messages alerts will be displayed to controllers on a live alert wallboard. The system has been designed with poor signalling in mind where other GSM applications that rely on internet connectivity just simply wouldn’t be reliable.

Full Description

PCI Level 1 Payment

PCI DSS is a security standard for organisations that take take credit or debit card payments. It is your responsibility to protect cardholder data at the point-of-sale. If cardholder data is stolen – and it’s your fault – you could incur fines, penalties and even termination of the right to accept payment cards, spelling out the end of your business !

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Cloud Capacity

Minimise your need for capital outlay

Whether you need to plan for short campaigns, route calls between sites or manage peak times for you business using the Call Handling Cloud capacity makes sound financial sense.

Reduce your inhouse system/hardware capacity requirements by integrating Call Handlings multi-channel cloud contact centre into your set up.