Web Chat

Instant Messenger (IM) chat module Integrated within the Cloud Contact Centre

The Web Chat and private IM product is available as a standalone product or part of the Virtual Call Centre Suite. Webchat gives your agents access to instant live chats with your clients or internal one on one or group discussions.


Contact within one click


Full transcription of conversations can be sent to the client and your database


Fully mobile and smart device responsive


Full service and agent statistics package

Web Chat:

Over the last 4 years Web Chat has been slowly growing as a recognised and even preferred way for the public to contact organisations for Help and Support.

The Virtual Call Centre Web Chat Module enables you to receive live chat requests from your clients via your website. Installation of the 'Widget' is simple and can be designed to by your team to sit neatly within your web page or pages. The 'Widget' directly communicates with your cloud contact centre and will instantly display when agents are logged on available.


Webchat Client facing features:
  • Instant access - One click access means that people wishing to contact the service don't need to disclose any information prior to speaking with an agent. Ideal for simple or confidential services.
  • Email Entry- By adding their email address before starting a chat it can help your advisors identify the client (email address visibility can be removed for agents) and also gives access to a full history of previous chat threads.
  • Departments - By offering the client a choice of departments you can filter the enquiry to the right people within your organisation.
  • Demographics - A simple set of demographic questions can be asked to be completed which will appear at the top of the chat helping advisors know what the chat is about.
  • Direct Agent access - Some clients need to speak to a specif agent, by listing the agents available you can give the client the opportunity to speak to exactly who they need to.
  • Queuing - much like call queuing Web Chat queues can be built in to let your clients know where they are in the queuing and how many people are also waiting to be answered.
  1. Reallocation – Allows the Web Chat Agent to pass ownership of the Chat Thread to another Agent.
  2. Demographics – This is a bespoke feature that allows you to enter information about the user into a form which can then be submitted to a database or CRM system.
  3. Flag – Allows Web Chat Agents to flag an Web Chat thread to a manager for review or action.
  4. Templates- Access to templates created by managers can be search and selected and then dropped directly into the thread.
  5. Emoticons - For more light hearted chat queues the addition of Emoticons can add a less formal and cold user experience.

Social Media Integration:

With the installation of a third party application you can place your web Chat widget within Facebook to open another access point for your clients. These chat message requests will come directly into the the Virtual Call Centre system and agents will be able to have private chats - not publicly displayed on your facebook page.

Messages will appear within a dedicated 'Facebook' Web Chat queue allowing your agents to answer them appropriately and also generating their own set of statitics to give you a clear picture of where the requests are coming from.