SMS Text Chat

Call Handling have a large portfolio of SMS text chat products

SMS text chat can offer a quick and convenient way to contact your organisation or update your clients. With almost 1 billion texts sent last year in the UK alone text is still a major way of communicating.


Allows customers to communicate with you via SMS in a Safe, Confidential and Controlled environment, You can choose a short code or full mobile number for the service, both of which can use Keywords for greater flexibility or lower cost. • The service uses the Virtual Call Centre backbone so Agent Management for Telephony and SMS can all be done from the same interface. • SMS Chat Agents interact with SMS Chat Customers (Users) via a secure web page – no installed software is required.


AGENT FEATURES: History (see previous chat threads) Forward (pass text threads to other agents) Block (add a user to a blocked list) Flag to Manager (Escalate the message to a manager) Demographics (take basic Demographic information that can be forwarded to a CRM) MANAGER FEATURES: Message Allocation, Monitor Text Chat conversations and ability to take ownership, message search facility and FULL STATISTICS


TEXT Marketing

Text can be an ideal way to update your client base about special offers or new services. With a simple interface that allows you to upload an excel spreadsheet into our web portal you can send out mass marketing at the click of a button.

Text Surveys

Customer feedback is a part of modern business. Text surveys offers an instant way and less time consuming way to leave feedback about your service.

Text updates

Text is an ideal way to update clients/customers. Our team of developers and system specialists can work with you to create a bespoke text update solution for you.