Email Support

Add additional functionality and control to your mailbox with our Email Support Service.

The Email Support Module adds an additional level to a standard mailbox.
Messages can be assigned and dealt with by your agents with a number of power tools to assist them in replying.


Pulls messages directly from your mail server so you don't need to change your email


Message threads allow agents to take ownership of an email enquiry


Full statistics for the email queue and agent performance are available


Manager approval allows for emails to be requested or automatically sent for approval before sending

E Mail Management Overview:

Email has been a long standing way for organisations to receive and send more in depth/official information than a simple telephone or IM message.

The Virtual Call Centre Email Module works as an extension to your current mailbox. Messages are pulled into the system so that agents can deal with enquiries directly from the Virtual Call Centre panel.

Message Threads:

This system allows agent to accept and solely deal with clients problem or request. Messages can still be sent and received through the central email address but the Email system will forward any replies directly to the agent who has picked up or has been assigned the message.

Agent tools:
  • History - allows agents to look up previous emails from the sender even if email address have been suppressed
  • Reallocate - Agents can pass email threads between each other
  • Flag to manager - escalate an email message for the attention of a manager
  • Block sender - add sender to a blocked list.
  • Manager approval - Ask for a message to be checked before sending
  • Templates - work from a searchable library of pre- written templates
Manager Tools
  • Live view of emails being worked on by agents
  • message allocation
  • Restrict email address visibility
  • Restrict email address from message content
  • mandatory manager approval for messages
  • template creation
  • Email search