Flexible Working

Flexible Working

As of this year, every employee has the right to request flexible working hours. Whilst flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs, flexible working can also benefit businesses greatly.

So what is flexible working? Basically, flexible working is is more than just allowing employees to work from home. It’s also about working from wherever you are, whether that’s from a café, your home, a customer’s or during your commute. The greatest benefit of flexible working is that work can be done wherever and whenever. With minimal time restraints, business tasks can be carried out wherever. Business opportunities can be won or lost in a matter of minutes. Thus, having employees who can work from anywhere, at any time and who aren’t tied to their desks means small businesses can be more responsive.

As a result of new rules, employees have extended rights in regards to flexible working. All employees can request flexible working from their employer. It needs to be highlighted that it is a right to request- not an absolute right to be given it, which is an important distinction.

Some of the benefits to employees include:

  • Employees have a greater freedom
  • Can make traveling easier (e.g. avoiding commuting during the normal rush-hour). This can then also help save money (cheaper off-peak ticket prices).
  • Improved morale and reducing absence and lateness
  • Reduction in overtime and less lost time since long lunch breaks or late arrivals are not recorded as time worked

So what are the benefits of flexible working to business?

  • A more efficient and productive organisation
  • A more empowered and motivated workforce
  • A better customer service and increased customer loyalty
  • Increased staff retention and attractiveness to potential employees
  • Reduced levels of sickness absence
  • Potential to save money in terms of office space

How can employers manage their workers if they’re not in the office?

One of the simplest ways for an employer to manage its employees is through our text and telephony lone worker solution. The cloud interface monitors the whereabouts of lone workers through the unique Text Response (ATR) system, meaning that employers can monitor the status of their employees from anywhere.

To find out more about Lone Worker: https://www.callhandling.co.uk/product-view/lone-worker/